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973 When making a decision about what Gold Coast Montessori pre-school school to enroll your child in, take a close look at Friday's Child Montessori, It is a pre-school that uses the Montessori method and lives the Montessori philosophy. The school opened in 1986 and is run by Laurena Rakauskas. Laurena and her staff encourage the children to do an activity correctly the first time and then allow them to experiment with it on their own. This reduces fear of failure and builds self esteem. They give the children the freedom to choose activities that they feel comfortable in doing. Each activity is designed to extend the child's knowledge and skills while challenging them. They encourage the children to work independently this allows their natural love of learning to blossom while building on their self motivation. Sometimes the children will form small groups and teach and motivate each other. Because Fridays Child teaches the children to cooperate, communicate and play together quietly they learn to deal with problems appropriately and without violence. Children educated in the Montessori method are happier, love learning and challenging themselves and ultimately become adults that value themselves and their contributions to Society. So when you are ready to see why Friday's Child is the best option for Gold Coast Montessori education, please visit them at http where you can make arrangements to book your free trial day. This article was written by ...


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