www.squidoo.com victoriastaffordapsychicinvestigation.wordpress.com www.twitter.com part 99 of 100 videos Math Equation: 14 1 113 2 1 6EQUJ5 1420.40575177 MHz. hydrogen line UFO ENGINE Components to TEST: Neutrinos, Relativistic Jet Particles and Beaming Line 17e Leonhard Euler's Formula Polarization Starlight Almagest WOW SETI Line 17t BUILD ALIEN UFO ENGINE MAYA WOW SETI INSTRUCTION IDEAS Line 17t2 BOTDA Fiber Optics Fournier Sinusoid Molecular Vibration Superlumincal Energy Transport WOW SETI Line 17t3 Electromagnetic Solitons CERN Boffins Neutrinos Brillouin Proton Pulses WOW SETI Line 17t4a UFO Alien Contact Equation Given Jan 22, 2012 Velocity My Thoughts WOW SETI Line 17t4b Alien Contact Travel Black Hole Universe UFO Velocity Equation WOW SETI Jan 21, 2012 915 pm est - Google searches up to this date: My Thoughts continue: I found something during my Google on FIBRE Optics from the BOTDA tests. Superluminal energy transport created by using optical fibres. They say it violates physical laws? Do the Neutrino's travelling faster than the speed of light violate physical laws? YEP :) Quote: BOTDA refers to Brillouin Optical Time Domain Analysis.The BOTDA sensor system equipped with one electrooptic modulator has been studied for measuring distributed strain and temperature. A sensor using the backward stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) of an optical fiber. The pumping pulse light is launched at one end of the fiber and propagates in the fiber, while the CW light is ...


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