On this episode of The Books & Beer Hangout, we tackled the topic of collaboration, inviting author Bliss Morgan and editor Doug Lance to share their stories with us. Both make great use of digital tools in their collaboration efforts with authors. Over the course of 25 minutes we talked about: * How collaboration today is dependent on digital technology * How to encourage collaboration with digital technology without being a geek * How "happy accidents" can turn into great collaborative projects * How Bliss uses collaborative writing circles * How Lance crowd-sources a 150-page fiction magazine every month * The best free collaborative writing tool you're probably not using *** AND THEN GOOGLE HANGOUTS DIE FOR 15 SECONDS! (9:42) * How to move from collaborative content to final publication * Collaborating on scales large and small * How emerging technology might improve to enable even more collaboration * Dealing with trolls, idiots, and generally not helpful people that tend to gravitate toward teh internets And there was the obligatory drinking of beers. Tonight's choices: Harpoon's Catamount Maple Wheat, Hofbräu Munich Weize, Bell's Hopslam & the Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout. Tasty! The Books & Beer Hangout is broadcast live every Thursday night at 6P/9E as a Google Hangout on Air and on YouTube Live! Circle ePublish Unum on Google to watch live, and to join The Books & Beer Hangover right after the show to chat with hosts and participants live! Music: Cerveza beer by ...


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