Mars Curiosity Rover FULL ANIMATION

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This is the Full Animation of the Mars Curiosity Rover :). This event is no Longer Live! The mars curiosity rover Touched down at about 10:32pm Pacific Time. A big Congratulations on the MSL team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory! Now Its on its journey to discover if life ever existed OR if its able to sustain life for future missions of Humans on the Face of mars :) Check on the RAW images from time to time. There you will see the images that come through when the Rover snaps the photos. You can watch this event unfold LIVE at these websites! Be sure to check them out DON'T MISS a once in a lifetime event! This is like the Moon landing...but Mars Style with robotic machines. If you didn't get a chance to see the Astronauts First Moon landing...Now is your chance to watch something AMAZING! In our generation :D WATCH THE LIVE SHOW IN HD! HIGH DEFINITION RIGHT HERE! OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF NASA's CURIOSITY ROVER: FIRST IMAGES THAT THE MSL(Mars Science Laboratory ) takes will be right here! RAW IMAGES: (As soon as it lands...check back right here. There should be the latest images that the rover took upon landing :D.) 3D GENERATED ACTUAL SIMULATION AND REAL NASA DATA on the Mars Curiosity rover!: JOIN AND LEAVE COMMENTS TO THE NASA USTREAM CHANNEL OF THE LIVE BROADCAST: Launched on November 26 2011....Scheduled to Land At these times in your Timezone: August 5 2012 10:31pm PDT ...


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