Curiosity (the New Mars Rover) Explained

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In this Ph.Detours episode, Alex and the gang visit the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California and go inside the Mars Rover Test lab and chat with engineers Chaz Morantz and (yes) Bobak Ferdowsi. Watch for more Ph.Detours episodes coming August 24th! Watch more videos on our channel: Subscribe to our channel: More info about PHD Comics at: -- CREDITS Host: Alexandra Lockwood Edited by: Roser Segura ( Music: "Mars & Venus" by NoU "Mars" by Stellardrone "She's coming from Mars" by Rod Morris Ph.Detours theme ("Streets") by SO3 ( Camera: Meg Rosenburg, Jorge Cham Sound Mastering: Laurence Yeung Additional Host: Crystal Dilworth Series Producer: Matt Siegler ( Created by: Jorge Cham ( Thanks to JPL (


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