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Zeitgeist: Spirit of the Age Refuted Created by: BeitShalomMinistries This film refutes the following claims made in the film Zeitgeist: -Christianity was borrowed from pagan myths? -The Bible was plagiarized? -Jesus wasn't a historical figure? -Christianity was created for social control? -The Bible is based on astrology? "The first real parallel of a dying and rising god does not appear until AD 150, more than a hundred years after the origin of Christianity. So if there was any influence of one on the other, it was the influence of the historical event of the New Testament [resurrection] on mythology, not the reverse. The only known account of a god surviving death that predates Christianity is the Egyptian cult god Osiris. In this myth, Osiris is cut into fourteen pieces, scattered around Egypt, then reassembled and brought back to life by the goddess Isis. However, Osiris does not actually come back to physical life but becomes a member of a shadowy underworld...This is far different than Jesus' resurrection account where he was the gloriously risen Prince of life who was seen by others on earth before his ascension into heaven." --Dr. Norman Geisler Links to disprove Zeitgeist: www.thedevineevidence.com www.tektonics.org www.kingdavid8.com benwitherington.blogspot.com www.zeitgeistresponse.info www.frontline-apologetics.com www.alwaysbeready.com www.preventingtruthdecay.org www.ldolphin.org www.allaboutreligion.org *To order this film and make copies e-mail ...


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