3D Plant Cell

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thanks for 5000 views :) This is a school project made by Collin Barlage and Donald Pierce. We made this with 3D S max and after effects. I have other animations on my channel. so check them out! MUSIC: Spre Plant cells are eukaryotic cells that differ in several key respects from the cells of other eukaryotic organisms. One of their distinct features is their Cell Wall. The Cell Wall is a lipid bilayer that forms the outer boundry of the cell. A main function of the cell wall is to act as a pressure vessel, preventing over-expansion when water enters the cell. Although the material of the cell wall varies dependant upon species, it serves the same purpose. As we move further into the cell you'll notice very important differences between an animal cell and this plant cell. Starting just under the cell wall there is an additional wall-like structor called the cell, or plasma, membrane. -zoom- The Cell membrane is selectively permeable to ions and organic molecules protecting the cell from outside forces. The Cell membrane has complete control over the movement and substances in and out of cell. Underneath the cell membrane is a thick layer of cytoplasm. -zoom- The Cytoplasm is a gel-like substance that holds all of the cell's substructors and organelles. It is within the cytoplasm that most cellular activities occur, such as many metabolic pathways and cell division. In the cytoplasm the organelle that takes up most of the cell's space, is the Vacuole. -zoom- The vacuole ...


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