Photosynthesis Rap

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Just a movie I made about photosynthesis for my biology II AP class. The song is Photosynthesis by Rhythm, Rhyme, and Results and I put in the pictures to go along with it. Lyrics: Chorus Photosynthesis, lets get into this Discussion of sunlight, and transfer of energy. Photosynthesis, lets get into this Process of chemical reactions and synergy. Verse I Plants take water, sun, and CO2, to make glucose: the sugar that they use for food They also put oxygen into the air So we can share, because oxygen is everywhere The energy transforms from solar to chemical All the time, everywhere, the process is identical In every plant, and every tree Enabling all living things to be Chorus Verse II Lets take a look at the light reaction Making chemical energy when light is captured electrons flow through the photo systems Flowing so fast you might have missed em Within the chloroplast lies the action The thylakoid membrane is where it happens ATP and NADPH Are products of light, water, air, and space Chorus Verse III The Calvin cycle, or dark reaction Doesnt need direct sunlight for it to run right. CO2 from the air enters the chloroplast Mixing with organic molecules for the last time With the help of the enzyme Rubisco Carbon Fixation—I thought you knew this yo! It forms a carbohydrate known as G3P Its created, recreated, and recycled you see Chorus Bridge Leaves on trees and even weeds meet needs Making oxygen we need to breathe You want to learn it with ease? You want to master ...


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