Hank gets down to the nitty gritty about meiosis, the special type of cell division that is necessary for sexual reproduction in eukaryotic organisms. Like CrashCourse on Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow CrashCourse on Twitter: www.twitter.com References for this episode can be found in the Google document here: dft.ba Table of Contents 1) Homologous Chromosome Pairs 2:10 2) Primary Oocytes 3:30 3) Primary Spermatocytes 3:30 4) Meiosis 2:59 5) Interphase I 4:04 6) Prophase I 4:37 a) Crossover 5:05 b) Recombination 5:05 7) Metaphase I 7:53 8) Anaphase I 8:05 9) Telophase I 8:19 10) Prophase II 8:57 11) Metaphase II 9:23 12) Anaphase II 9:28 13) Telophase II 9:32 Want to see Hank play Assassin's Creed? Check out www.youtube.com Watch the AC: Brotherhood playlist here: www.youtube.com Watch the AC: Revelations playlist here: www.youtube.com reproduction, sexual reproduction, sex cell, sperm, egg, meiosis, crashcourse, crash course, biology, cell replication, chromosome, gene, allele, homologous chromosome, haploid cells, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, oocyte, spermatocyte, centrosome, microtubule, crossover, homologous recombination, natural selection, cytokinesis, polar body, endosperm


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