Biology Rap - Mitosis

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Biology Rap - Mitosis For a project in school yo. We are the whitest nerds around and we'ze be rapping 'bout Mitosis, aka, IPMAT. Lyrics: the nuclear membrane and nucleus is visible time to do the functions, everyday is critical the chromatin is present as a granular mass if you didn't have interphase your body would crash open your eyes cause the aster rays appear the centrioles move to the poles right here the chromosomes appear as long thin threads the nuclear membrane leaves, as if it were dead my biological homies, aka, the spindle fibres are attached to the chromosomes that look like spiders the centrioles reach the poles of the cell while the nuclear membrane disappears in its shell the chromatid pairs line up in a row just like my boyz back in Compton, yo The chromatids are now lined up at the equator while the centromeres split, chicka chicka, playa hata The spindle fibres join each chromatid, to the aster, from the centromere, got that kid? Anaphase, where the chromosomes are pulled apart just like when chuck norris rips out your heart the spindle fibres they be tugging and pulling to the opposite poles is where they be going the nuclear membrane is back in the hood they be surrounding the chromosomes, just like they should my home dogs, the nucleoli, are the brains of the cell and they be springing up, just like Show N Tell The chromosomes shrink down so they can barely be seen they are the deoxyribonucleic acid, y'all mean


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