Liberal Fascism (part one)

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Please keep all comments and debates civil, no vulgarities, ECT... Many of the things that fascist liberals push that are allegedly good for us, actually end up harming us. Such as the Kyoto treaty, many other so-called forms of environmentalism, Global Poverty Act, so-called "peace activism", socialized health-care, allegedly fighting big business. The Kyoto treaty (and many other forms of environmentalism), essentially sacrifices our sovereignty, and allows other governments to tax us and legislate some of our laws. It's also a form of global social welfare "Robin Hood" steel from the rich to give to the poor. It destroys the big business in the US they can't meet the tough labor laws, labor costs and environmental standards. The big US businesses essentially break up, and moved to foreign countries where the labor laws are cheaper and there are less labor laws and environmental laws. The net result is the businesses US businesses fracture and coalesce to become even larger foreign/world businesses, that pollute more are less law-abiding and more likely to use sweatshop labor: like with children in dangerous working conditions. The Global Poverty Act, is essentially a major tax increase for the US taxpayer, to be forced to have more of a commitment to foreign welfare (even to countries that are hostile to us). It's another form of socialism banditry, as Robin Hood idealism. It would make the Iraq war look cheap. The so-called "peace activists" that are against the war ...


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