What is Nazism - Part 3

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This video contains historical colour pictures of the German Socialist Reich (1933 - 1945). National Socialism is a white-nordic, socialistic and germanophile movement! It is the worship of Nordic Aryan Man supplanting "god". Bormann, Speer and Breker knew the truth. NS is a biological socialist and revolutionary movement with a liability to Germanism and Hellenism. Only an adamantine combination of anti-bourgeois, racial Nationalism, Pan-Germanism, Germanization of all Aryans and leftist economic Socialism as well as anti-christian and biological Nietzscheism, Wagnerian thought, superior aryan technology, Darwinian racial laws and the eugenic teachings of Madison Grant, de Gobineau and HS Chamberlain is Nazism -- revolutionary and racial-evolutionary National SOCIALISM! It's not Fascism and not Rightism! Nazism is its own world-view and its own "religion" based on blood, man and matter, and is SUPERIOR to all others! It is the will to create mankind anew and is really based on the Superman of Nietzsche. Richard Wagner provided the artistic outlook and great germanic music, Nietzsche the rule of the White Superman or Overman ("there is no god but White European Man"), Marx and Engels the socialist or proletaryan view and leftist phraseology, and Darwin the important laws of Nature and Evolution ("the survival of the fittest and best") Hitler distilled these Wagnerian, Darwinian, Nietzschean and Marxist key concepts and combined them with his own doctrine of Nation and ...


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