History of the Mac OS Part 4

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This isn't the most entertaining part of the series, but it does have a lot of information about Apple in 1999 and of their future plans. Carbon is a main application environment in Mac OS X, a few example programs that are inside it are the Finder, Adobe software, and iTunes (as of Mac OS X 10.5). Carbon combines much of the old Mac OS API with some new stuff. Apple has been phasing Carbon out of the UI realm and it is now becoming the standard set of APIs for background and low level tasks. Cocoa is the primary environment of graphical applications in OS X. This also starts to explain Apple's new move into the open source market. The core OS of Rhapsody was redesigned as an open source project known as Darwin, QuckTime Streaming Server was also released as a compiled system on Mac OS X, and as source code for Linux and Windows NT. HyperCard was a technology that allowed anyone to easily create interactive software without programming skills. It can be seen similar to what Flash is today.


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