The cartoon starts when Bugs Bunny, feeling the effects of mixing radish juice with carrot juice the night before, unknowingly climbs out of his hole and into a rocket ship that is about to be launched into space. He realizes what has happened once he screws open the tip of the ship, and is immediately hit by the satellite Sputnik and lands on what appears to be a space station. While there, Bugs meets Marvin the Martian who is trying to blow up earth with the Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator (in reality a stick of dynamite, it is also the same device he tried to use in his debut short Haredevil Hare, though the Space Modulator was Uranium rather than Illudium) because "it obstructs my view of Venus". Bugs steals Marvin's explosive and Marvin uses different tricks to try and catch Bugs and get the explosive back, including using 'just add water' Instant Martians to chase Bugs around the space station and catch him. In true Bugs fashion, he tricks the Martians into flying off the road and falling through a trap door. Bugs then steals one of the Martian's spaceships, and while flying by, swaps the explosive he stole from Marvin for the bottle of 'just add water' Martians. The explosive is lit, and soon exploded in Marvin's hand (destroying his space station in the process), who concedes that it is "back to the old drawing board" while Bugs is flying back to Earth. When Bugs arrives at Earth he has to crash land and finds himself and the bottle of Martians falling ...


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