I think the shortest fitting description of the Bacteria mod would be Pandoras Box. It could mean the end of your world if you unleash it uncareful. One thing's for sure, if there has ever been a mod I used for that the warning 'back up your world before using' would have been appropriate then it was this. This mod can REALLY wreck your world if you aren't careful, but it could still be fun. To show what it's capable of I tried it in the Nether and it was interesting :3 For anyone curious here's the link to the mod's thread on MCF www.minecraftforum.net Also sorry for not including any audio but since Google took over YT there have been a lot of cases where I couldn't watch some videos just because of their audio track. Sometimes they disable the audio for that, sometimes they block me from the whole video for that. So I didn't put anything under it since it may just end up like that, if it's too boring for you without sound it's maybe not impressive at all. Also there's Winamp.


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