PurifiCup® is a portable water Purifier perfect for international travelers or for outdoor enthusiasts such as hunters, hikers, campers, boaters and anglers. It is also a necessity for any emergency kit. With PurifiCup®, you can enjoy convenient drinking water on-the-go whether the water source is tap or a freshwater stream, river or lake. PurifiCup® world-patented design uses nano-silver membrane in the filter to destroy up to 99.99% of bacteria. Utilizing silver's natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, bacteria are removed from water as it is filtered through PurifiCup® Exclusive Nano- silver membrane. It also removes heavy metals and organic solvents such as pesticides,and fluoride. There's no need for boiling water after it is filtered and each filter provides up to 330 cups of pure water. Both a water filter and storage bottle, PurifiCup® fits easily into your carry-on, back-pack or handbag and requires no hoses or attachments. PurifiCup® is Earth-friendly and cost-effective. • PurifiCup® use only FDA approved materials and it is BPA FREE. WRAS, NSF & SGS Lab tested Certified. • PurifiCup® Natural Water Purifier: recommended capacity 100-150 cups* • PurifiCup® TAP Water Purifier: up to 330 cups* • PurifiCup® recommends only using naturally flowing water sources.* Please use best judgment when choosing source's of water. US Patent No. 12/584848 Germany Patent No. Nr. 20 2009 012 466.5 Japan Patent No. 3156787 China Patent No. 200920009048.3 No ...


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