Wild Life - The Ocean's Border

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Follow us on Facebook: on.fb.me Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com This breathtaking series provides a magical tour of some of the world's most pristine beautiful places - full of biodiversity and lush with life! Natural bridges between continents create extraordinary richness, and unique flora and fauna seen nowhere else. Featuring groundbreaking and gorgeous nature cinematography, Wild Life lets you uncover seldom-seen secrets from the Earth's hidden regions. The Ocean's Border: With the geological closure of the Isthmus of Panama four million years ago, the world's largest oceans were separated and divided. Central America was slowly formed through intense volcanic activity, and began to spawn amazing plants, birds and bats capable of colonizing every new island being created around it. In this program you'll discover five incredibly diverse regions: the wetlands of the Caribbean, the Southern Caribbean, the North Pacific, the Corcovado Peninsula and the central mountain range.


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