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For some years we are witnessing a radical transformation in our perception of space in general and of urban space, this transformation is just beginning. In the near future through the use of third generation phones, GPS systems and wireless systems (phones, PDAs or mini laptop connected to the Internet from anywhere on the planet) our ability to perceive and augment the reality in which we live will expand dramatically. Augmented Reality is a special extension of virtual reality. It consists in superimpose at the reality perceived by a subject, a computer-generated virtual reality. The user's perception of the world is "augmented" by virtual objects that provide additional information about the real environment. A particular subject such as architecture cannot be studied only from books, architecture and spaces should be lived to be understood better and augmented reality offers the opportunity to study and investigate an architectural work live - in first person, adding the study 's main ingredient which is the experience itself. The short film is purely demonstrative, it highlights the potential of this technology and its applicability in education and architecture learning. The architectural project treated in the short film is the project of "Ara Pacis" by Richard Meier, the choice for this architecture starts from a personal point of view as innovative and at the same time center of several controversies on its integration into the urban area of Rome.


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