We were the first group to take the Permaculture Design course at granja TIXIB! It took place during the whole month of August, fortunately enough I found sponsors other wise I would have not been able to take the course. With meals included and accommodation in a tent/cabin it costs 1500 USD. The course is thought in English because is sold all over the world. This turned out to be a little challenging for some teachers and some students because it created a language barrier for deeper levels of communication, well some times we ended up speaking in Spanish. We learn many things, including basic training and practice of consensus, and a class in non violent communication. There was a teacher who taught about soils and compost tea. A lecture in Deep ecology and a Visit to the ecovillage HUEHUECOYOTL complemented the course. We built an a frame, a table and a tiny chinampa. We also modeled a self sustaining ruf, prepared cob for a chicken coop and actually started it. We did compost and chore activities of a farm. Also visited several places like the mountains, a center for dry compost toilet development, and an archaeological site called Xochicalco. Some other things were planned that we never did, and we also did other things that were never planned, but so it's life, hard to predict. Any way, I hope you enjoy the pictures and take some time to spend in a farm, grow you own food, compost or just visit some of this beautiful places More info at: www.granjatixib.com


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