The Ocelot is a mainly passive, 'shy' mob which will not attack the player. Should the player move or look too abruptly near one, it will sprint away. Ocelots are the first mob with the ability to sprint, as well. If enclosed and unable to escape, they will stand still until an exit is made, after which they will quickly sprint through it. Wild Ocelots will occasionally slowly sneak up on chickens, then proceed to pounce and kill. However, their behavior when taming takes priority over this behavior. To tame an Ocelot, the player must be holding Raw Fish while standing perfectly still and not looking around too quickly. It will slowly approach the player, and while in this state, using Raw Fish on it will tame it, changing it to one of the three tame 'cat' types. This will also end its shy behavior. It will now follow the player, although not as strictly as wolves. They attempt to avoid cacti and other obstacles. As of 12w05a they can sit. Cats will teleport to the player if the player is too far away. Unlike wolves, they will not attack hostile mobs. This is due to their primarily passive nature. Creepers will actively avoid Ocelots should a Creeper come within a certain radius of the Ocelot. However, this will not deter them from chasing a player, only keeping the Creeper a distance away. Note that the player can only tame Ocelots when they walk to the player on their own. Chasing an Ocelot while right-clicking constantly will have no effect. Ginger Tabby skinned cats ...


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