Solar Heating Made Easy -- That Works!!!

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COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS here: These small solar panels I made work... got my gas bill today. Last months payment (during a warmer cycle - December) was $131... this month (during a colder cycle - January) was only $126. Last year usage was 5.5ccf this year is 4.1ccf Again written and picture instructions here Making a solar panel has never been easier. Mike shows you how to make a panel to heat a room or even a whole house starting at about $50. That's right... 50 BUCKEROOS!!! No UGLY boxes hanging on the side of your house. No cutting holes in the side of you house to get the heat in. No infiltration of the nights cold in to the room adjacent an exterior panel. Made from window film, Cinefoil, aluminum flashing, aluminum heating tape and screen frames. Live in and apartment or condo? No problem!!! These hang in a window and can be taken down in the spring. No zoning issues to be concerned with. Nothing but positive about this solar panel. ENJOY!!! MikeM


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