LED Lights Fix Chinese Crap - SHOCKING

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A report and how to repair the malfunctioned LED lights I purchased at K-Mart for $15. I certainly uncover some real nasty low quality work in these low voltage lights. Is this what we really want in our shops or are we all now addicted to buying extremely cheap Chinese made goods which seem to be the staple of so many retailers. Buy cheap buy twice! About Tin Whiskers, this is a must read web site produced by NASA. nepp.nasa.gov Web Links : en.wikipedia.org en.wikipedia.org As a consumer I am within my rights to return faulty goods which are sold to me, but it's always interesting to investigate exactly what is being sold. Especially when more than one item goes faulty. This is often a indication there is a much bigger problem linking the common cause of failure. The get out of jail aspect to all this is these lights are low voltage, and it seems almost anything goes in the way these devices are put together.


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