"THE AGE OF DINOSAURS" Author : Jorge Gameiro picasaweb.google.com gameiroanimatronics@gmail.com www.jorgegameiro.com ANIMATRONIC DINOSAUR- L'ERA DEI DEI DINOSAURI - ZOOMARINE ITALY A walk among the dinosaurs Explore a prehistoric forest walking between huge dinosaurs in motion. "AGE OF THE DINOSAURS" is the dramatic reconstruction of a prehistoric forest, where the public goes back more than 100 million years and is in contact with these inhabitants of planet earth. 30 animatronics dinosaurs moving, life size and reacting to the passage of the guests of the park, with sizes ranging from 2 to 12 meters high (a 4-story building) and up to 18 in length. The path winds for over 3000 m2 under cover, trees, smoke, lightning and special effects, and also includes the step inside of a volcano erupting. The time travel begins with herbivores, such as Parasaurolophus, a "ruminant plants" of the Cretaceous, the Iguanodon, the highest Omeosauro (Omeisaurus), to the best-known and impressive Triceratops, with the classic circular collar bone and horns, the Stegosaurus with its distinctive profile bone plates on the back. Continuing in the attraction there are the carnivores such as the Dilofosauro (Dilophosaurus), the Spinosaurus, the torosaurus defined reptile with horns, the birds, such as the Pteranodon (Pteranodon), some skeletons, and ending with the most famous and feared, a sample of 16 m length of Tyrannosaurus rex. With 34 acres of land and water attractions, 540000 visitors ...


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