Ancient Egyptian Music - Nenchefka's Orchestra

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From New England comes Douglas Irvine, a composer, sound artist and instrument maker, the sounds that he creates are inspired on the musical traditions of ancient Middle Eastern cultures, like ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. This record have a great aura, with different sensations, its ritualistic, relaxed, deep, dark, ethereal and mystic. This are some of the old instruments that you could ear on this great record that e real advice: bass lyre, bells and miscellaneous percussions, shoulder harp, clappers, pan pipes, double Oboe etc. Ambient Egypt is a varied collection of musical soundscapes inspired by ancient Egyptian traditions. Although music existed in prehistoric Egypt, the evidence for it becomes secure only in the historical (or "dynastic" or "pharaonic") period--after 3100 BCE. Music formed an important part of Egyptian life, and musicians occupied a variety of positions in Egyptian society. Music found its way into many contexts in Egypt: temples, palaces, workshops, farms, battlefields and the tomb. Music was an integral part of religious worship in ancient Egypt, so it is not surprising that there were gods specifically associated with music, such as Hathor and Bes (both were also associated with dance, fertility and childbirth). All the major categories of musical instruments (percussion, wind, stringed) were represented in pharaonic Egypt. Percussion instruments included hand-held drums, rattles, castanets, bells, and the sistrum--a highly important rattle ...


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