Youtube blog post - I'm really curious how will it be, because it would be really cool if more people would know how to make good videos (me included). As I said we already have some good tutorials from Sam, Niko and Freddie (Brandon), where they explain not just VFX but also how to make the video look cool and entertaining. BG Kumbi video - Yes, I know that he made a new video, but production of TrollsNews takes some time, honestly, I didn't watch his newest video but I hope that he will keep his worth and it will be really tear jerking :D . But as I said, when he gets to the topic of war against atheist, it seems that he's running out of steam. Contributor: TrollsNews T-shirts ... seriously, you're gonna love them Please follow TrollsNews on facebook - http and if you like to be informed about very stupid things you can also follow TrollsNews on twitter - Do you want to stalk the author of TrollsNews on facebook, where you won't be really friends, but you can read his statuses, you can subscribe to him here (no friend requests :P ) -


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