THE EARTHWALK: project description 21th May 2008 Creators: Jens Franke Thomas Gläser Supervisor: Massimo Banzi Set of rules: Our component acts as another input device that connects the user directly to the visualisation. We don´t use any complex technique so that our assembling isn´t prone to breakdowns. It´sa modular construction which allows its developers to build an installation with one or more foot controls.The footpads could have every function of a controller. The interface is customizable. We call our hardware „step-in". Intentions & goals of the project: „We wanted to bring the application out of the screen" First we tried it with Google Earth and we had much success. We have also tested „step-in" with other software including video games. Pros: Everyone can use it, play with it and experience the feeling of controlling a large image while standing on it. Because of that fact, many people can join in on our media installation. Our construction is an eye-catcher for every public event, because visitors pay more attention to visuals that are displayed on the ground. Besides that, we found out that people start to intensify communication with each other during one person is controlling the interface. This social aspect for „step-in" is one of the pro arguments for this interaction concept. Another argument include the size of the display in comparison to a regular computer screen. We use the impression that if an image is bigger in mass than ...


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