NASA | Collisione tra galassie (HD)

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802 Le galassie sono state costruite attraverso collisioni e fusioni, ma questo processo non è finito - e la nostra galassia, la Via Lattea offre un ottimo esempio di come si continua ancora oggi. Galaxies were built up through collisions and mergers, but this process isn't over - and our own Milky Way galaxy provides a prime example of how it continues today. Credit: NASA/GSFC Credit: NASA / GSFC JWST Web Feature: Colliding Galaxies Written By: Frank Reddy Produced By: Mike McClare Release Date: September 28, 2010 Total Run Time: 03:57.00 Transcription: Galaxies are the building blocks of the universe. The giant galaxies we see today - even our own - were built up from many smaller galaxies. But construction isn't done yet. It continues even today. Full-grown galaxies approach and interact with each other. They may collide and eventually merge. As the galaxies approach, the tug of gravity creates tides that distort their shapes. Stars and gas stream into new orbits. Sometimes, they're completely ejected, trailing into the depths of intergalactic space. Gas clouds compressed in the chaos light up with intense rounds of star formation. Because stars create most of the chemical elements, such episodes have a profound effect on a galaxy's chemical makeup. This infrared image of the entire sky shows half a billion stars. Most are in our galaxy. Some are not. These are companion galaxies that orbit our Milky Way. And some are in between. In 1994, astronomers ...


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