Gobekli Tepe Ancient History being Uncovered!

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* Notice the sound on the video does appear to be off by just a second or so, but still able to watch easily. I recommend anyone who seems to be interested in this to check out the series on BBC Called The Incredible Human Journey, this was from Part 3 towards the end of the show. The entire series is a very nice example of how Humans left Africa and started to settle around the entire world. Gobekli Tepe is around 10-12k years old. It is one of the Oldest Known man made settlements which appear to have temples and offer Sky Burials. Some of the craftsmanship are just amazing to see coming from a culture which pre-dates Egyptians by over 5k years. The opening music is made by my self, and free to use if you wish, contact me if you wish to obtain any other songs, I have tons that I have made from 1999 to 2001 and will use this music for now on so Youtube can't yank the audio from it since I Own it, and made it. ;)


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