www.TravelsWithSheila.com Before entering Gobekli Tepe, guide Oz gave a lengthly introduction while still on the bus about its past history, discovery and the occupants. This hilltop sanctuary is only 15 km miles northeast of Urfa (now called Sanliurfa) in Southeastern Turkey. Gobekli Teke is considered the OLDEST human-made place of worship every discovered. Two thousand years later, the entire complex of stones, pillars and carvings were deliberately buried. Why? No one knows. A team of German and Turkish archaeologists are currently excavating the site. The very interesting monoliths decorated with carved reliefs of animals and abstract pictograms kept the site from being a "yawner" - "pile of Rocks" for us. That is, whenever we were given a sparse moment to actually focus without being hustled on...


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