In 1859, Charles Darwin published 'Origin of Species'- and nothing would ever be the same again. Evolution by natural selection is probably the most powerful idea anyone ever had. In this three-part series, Richard Dawkins, the evolutionary scientist and bestselling author, takes us on a journey of discovery. How does evolution work? How do we know it's true, and why do some people still deny it? As evolved creatures, do we have to be callous, selfish, and immoral? Dawkins echoes Darwin's emphatic "No". In the course of his journey, Richard Dawkins visits a New York sperm bank and talks to the women about how they choose the genes of their children. He takes us to Lambeth Palace to visit the Archbishop of Canterbury, and to Kenya to visit that spectacularly well preserved fossil, the Turkana Boy. This series is a must for all who want to understand why we exist.


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