Read details on how to do a fishless nitrogen cycle My new 40 gallon SeaClear acrylic planted aquarium. Remodeled with more eco-complete and six more plant species. Upgraded to T5HO lighting. Type - Fresh water tropical planted aquarium Tank - SeaClear 40 Gallon Acrylic Filter - EHEIM Classic 2213 Canister, with Hydro Sponge II on the intake tube Heater - EHEIM Jager 100W Air pump - Rena 300 Lighting - AquaticLife T5HO 36" 2x39W Fresh Water Substrate - Eco-complete x3 Plants - Anubias hastifolia, Anubias Nana, Java Moss, Java Fern, Anacharis, Lilly, Cabomba caroliniana "Green Cabomba", Cardamine lyrata "Chinese Ivy", Hygrophila difformis "Water Wisteria" Water Spirit, Dwarf Baby Tears, Pellia, Lloydiella, Myriophyllum Tuberculatum (red), Ludwigia Ovalis Fish - Soon will have some.


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