Download link: Nitrogen makes up 78% of our air It can't be used straight for nutrience but don't despair. There is a way that nature converts it to be used We call it the nitrogen cycle, don't get confused. THE NITROGEN CYCLE!! THE NITROGEN CYCLE This cycle has five main areas They all have similar names so you kinda get hysteria Fixation, Nitrification, then there's assimilation Now I have two more Ammonification DE NI TRI FI CA TION Now see here, Fixation's where we start N turns into Ammonia, man it's ART This is acheived by nitrogen fixing bacteria Nothing seems to rhyme with this, so, uh. . . NIGERIA. N2 plus H2 gets NH3 It kind of makes no sense. . . But DON'T DISAGREE Fixation is what the gangsta's talk about You wish you were us, but you're not, so SHUT YO MOUTH!! THE NITROGEN CYCLE! THE NITROGEN CYCLE!! Nitrification is what we're gonna talk next You might say that this is a little less complex Soil converts ammonia to an ion of nitrate And being extracted up by a plant is it's fate. And soon after that we got assimillation Where the plant takes the ions and makes a new creation. Like Amino Acids, Proteins and DNA Animals eat the plants and be like "YEAH YAY!!" Ammonification is a little bit Macabre Soil gets nitrogen back by dead bods. (bodies) This all decomposes into inorganic compounds Trust, this, I, too, found a little bit profound THE NITROGEN CYCLE! THE NITROGEN CYCLE!! Denitrification is last but not least This part is the most ...


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