I used 160 pounds of Nature's Ocean Reef Sand and Reef Substrate, along with about 40 pounds of live rock in the main display and another 25 in my sump. I never got a huge ammonia spike, nor did I get much or any nitrite or nitrate spikes. I think the sand really helped my fishless cycle quite a bit. I finally added the fish and refugium on the 12th day of the cycle after seeing how all my levels were good (only issue is/was my calcium which is only 300 currently) and dosing twopart which will help my calcium. PH is around 8.2... Anyway so far the fish and some softies are doing fine, but I monitor almost daily to make sure. Please feel free to offer advice if you see something that would be beneficial in my sump/refugium or main display (sump is 30g btw)...


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