Nitrogen Cycle by NMR.TUP#17 M.4/8

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Nitrogen Cycle by NMR.TUP#17/8 งานกลุ่มวิชาชีววิทยาพื้นฐาน ขอบคุณทุกวิว&ไลค์ค่ะ Nitrogen Cycle Song - Lyrics (ทำนอง ช้างช้างช้าง) Nitrogen, Nitrogen, Nitrogen. Nitrogen 79 of our atmosphere and nitrogen is very important for sustaining life here. Let me tell you! (ทำนอง มองได้แต่อย่าชอบ. ตั้งแต่เริ่มจนถึงฮุก) Well in the roots of these legumes live tiny nitrogen fixating bacteria to make dissolve into rain and fall down to the ground to be absorbed by trees so proteins can be produced and the animals and the people can eat them and pee and die and decompose into ammonia, then nitrites with a little bit of it turned back into nitrogen gas by denitrifying bacteria for the sake of balance, hey balance, and hey balance.


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