Cycling New Tank - Bacterial Bloom

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Here's a vid of a new aquarium I got that's cycling. The water is really cloudy right now due to beneficial bacteria levels rising. It should clear up after the tank completes the nitrogen cycle. All the fish in this tank were housed in a smaller 20 gallon that I disassembled when I got this one. After it finishes cycling I'm going to give the cory cats away to someone I know that wants 'em. The rest of the fish I'll either try to trade in for store credit to my local fish shop, or feed 'em to the big fish ):-). The fish in the tank are: 3 gold tetras 2 cherry barbs 3 platies 5 corydoras catfish (2 peppered, 2 pandas and 1 longnose spotted) 3 fancy guppes (2 blue cobras and 1 king cobra) which are already breeding in this tank lol 1 plecostomus (he was moved over from the 50 gallon in my other videos) The song is "Crazy Mary" covered by Pearl Jam live at Benaroya Hall October 22, 2003.


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