Fish tank use to fill up gap T61 T85 T90

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Fish tank use to fill up gap.Two in one aquarium. Top tank is built with open bottom design to allow fish to move between tank. Cleaning is make simple. Changing of water for top tank is not require. Partial change of water or removing of unwanted particles if needed is carried out in the bottom tank that include feeding. ROLE OF BACTERIA IN THE NITROGEN CYCLE Many different kinds of bacteria are present in our bodies and throughout the environment, including water. There are aerobic (good) bacteria, which require oxygen, and anaerobic (bad) bacteria, which do not require oxygen. The bacteria in the aquarium will establish themselves on all the surfaces that are suitable for them to live on. These include the gravel, ornaments, tank walls and more importantly, the filter, where a majority of them will accumulate. Aerobic bacteria need three things to survive: a habitat, food and oxygen. The filter contains a medium that provides a large surface area on which bacteria colonies can establish themselves. The water flowing through the filter provides them with good food and oxygen. Food is derived from the decaying organic material in the water column ( uneaten food, fish waste, decaying plant matter). And the movement of flowing water will permit gaseous exchanges to occur, and as a result, oxygen to be produced. Normally, it takes the good bacteria approximately six to eight to be properly established before they can cope with a new aquarium's bio-load. The environment in a ...


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