The Nitrogen Song! to the tune on pokemon

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Lyrics: Nitrogen, it is the best. N2 is in the sky! Rhizobium turns N2 Into NH3! (Fixation!) Denitrifying bacteria Turns ammonia into No2 No2 turns into NO3 Nitrification! (Oh my gosh!) (it is so amazing!) Oh it gets absorbed By a producer (Absorption!) It turns into CHON Which is a protein! (OH the CHON) (its so amazing) It could get consumed, By a herbivore which could pee or get eaten by a carnivore (which could also die) Or it could pee. Oh yeah.. Decomposing bacteria Turns CHON into NH3 Nitrifying bacteria Turns it into NO2 (or NO3) NO3 gets denitrified The same with NO2 Denitrifying bacteria Makes N2 and O2 (CYCLES RULE!) (is so amazing) Its cyclicious Nitrogen is the best. (cycles rule) Nitrogen is my best friend In a world with molecules! (Nitrogen!) (A cycle so true) A cycle so true! Its cycle will let us live! It is the best cycle of all! NITROGEN!!! (It is so the best!) It is so the best! Nitrogen!!


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