Cichlid fsh tank / open bottom

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Simplified fish tank. Water pump, suction pump, air pump and all accessories are concealed within tank to reduce mass. Changing of water for top tank is not require. Massive cleaning is redused as cleaning is make simple. Submersible bilogical filter helps to maintain clear water. Air in top tank is to create water current. Partial change of water, removing of unwanted particle if require is carried out in the bottom tank that include feeding. Opening outlet at bottom of toptank allow fish to move from top to bottom without restriction. Waterfall in lower tank provide extra oxygenation. As this is a CLOSED SYSTEM air in top tank is automitically replenished to replace lost oxygen. Taking away the stress of maintaining your aquarium will bring back the enjoyment that fish keeping once brought you. As you plunge deeper into it, you'll derive not only knowledge, but lots of joy in discovering more about the things you are passionate about, be it creating a lush aquascape or a thriving coral reef. With a proper system, you can spend more time enjoying your set up and less time worrying about maintenance. But the greatest reward is that once your aquarium is up and running, you'll be able to sit back without worrying about maintenance and enjoy the fascinating underwater world you've created, whenever you please. It's worthwhile to have a good filtration system, as maintaining a stable biological system is critical to your fishes' good health Set up your aquarium, wait for one ...


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