Beautiful Tadpole Tank

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I have had my tank for about a week an a half now. I bought a pair of black Mollies for it to start the nitrogen cycle. They're still alive and I'm glad. With it being so hot outside and the pond not working out I had to bring the goldfish indoors until I can work something out. I put my favorite one in this tank. I fell in love with him at the petstore because he was red and white, but mostly because of the two beautiful red dots on his tail. I've never seen a goldfish like him and he only cost me 11 cents. I would have happily paid more for him. He's a beauty. I had to not lose track of the fact this tank was meant for Bullfrog Tadpoles. I want Bullfogs outside in my ponds and around the house because I love their songs. I love how big they get. I love the dark green color. And I like that they might eat the invasive non-native Cuban Tree Frogs we have. It's all I see and I haven't seen a native green tree frog in years. I finally got my Bullfrogs form an aquarium store. I was going to get six orginally but with the Mollies and the goldfish already in there I didn't want to over stock the tank. So I only got two. Bullfrog tadpoles only need two gallons each so I'm good. I could technically have gotten five. I might once I remove the goldfish. I will set up a bigger tank just for my goldfish and since Florida is backwards I'll probably have a winter pond and put the goldfish out in the Fall and bring them in when it's hot. My ponds are small and succeptible to the heat ...


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