Anaerobic Area In The Mbuna Tank - The Fix

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I got the idea for this video while poking around in my planted tank and seeing the bubbles of anaerobic gases coming up from the soil. It gave me an idea to cut down on nitrates in my mbuna tank and also a solid way to eliminate some sand before I start moving. The natural nitrogen cycle traps some gases underneath the soil. As does decomposition from many other things. As with a lot of Deep Sand Beds in salt water tanks, having too much sand in a fresh water aquarium can achieve similar results. It leads to being a bed for nitrates stuck under the sand and, when stirred up, can be toxic. ============================================== Ifyou like my videos, please SUBSCRIBE and click THUMBS UP. If you love them, click favorites. Also, if I haven't subscribed to you, make sure you let me know and I will do so. Thanks for watching!! ============================================== Fish Tank TV - My profile - http


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