Planted Aquarium Vacuum Demonstration-New

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My new demonstration of an Aquarium Vacuum or siphon cleaning method, including pictures and method to keep gravel from going to far into vacuum nozzle. Please note that this is a planted freshwater aquarium, with Azoo Plant Grower Bed, so there is much more fine particulates in the substrate which makes the tank appear more "dirty" than it actually is. For more professional aquarium cleaning information, please see this article: Please read the aquarium cleaning article for more, especially as to why this aquarium appears so dirty (for one this tanks is utilizing fine plant grower soil and is partially utilizing the German method of nitrification/de-nitrification) For more information about the effects of the nitrogen cycle, please see this article: For more about Hydro Sulfates (sulfate reduction) which vacuuming procedures can play an important role in this control of this process: Or for Aquarium Plant Care:


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