This is a video of a Powerpoint presentation that can be downloaded at The Ecology Unit: Abiotic Factors unit covers ecology topics associated with seven abiotic factors: Light, Temperature, Water, Wind, and Fire and many topics associated with biogeochemical cycles (See list below for more topics covered). This unit includes an interactive and engaging Powerpoint Presentation of 1300 slides with built in class notes (Red Slides), lab activities, project ideas, discussion questions, assessments, challenge questions with answers, review games, videos, and much more. Text is provided in large print (32 font) and is placed at the top of each slide so it can seen and read from all angles of a classroom. A shade technique and color coded text helps to maintain student focus and allows teacher to control the pace of the lesson. Also included is a 10 page (Microsoft 2003 word doc.) assessment / bundled homework package that chronologically follows the Powerpoint slideshow for nightly homework and the end of the unit assessment, as well as a 8 page modified assessment. 18 pages of class notes (Word doc.) with images are also included for students who require assistance, as well as answer keys to both of the assessments for support professionals, teachers, and homeschool parents. 11 video shorts (FLV files) are provided and a slide within the slideshow cues teacher / parent when the videos are most relevant to play. Video shorts usually range from 2-7 ...


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