10 gallon Freshwater Aquarium with Live Plants

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This is an update to a previous video after 8 months of improvements and iterations to the setup. The idea of the setup has always been to create a healthy, long term supportable environment that is low maintenance, low budget, and low tech. A lot of research, trial and errors went into this setup. No major hazards or changes made since the beginning, so this setup can be used as a proven guide that's been running for a year. Suggestion to viewers is to take an aquarium setup serious, as there are many right ways as there are wrong ways. Summary of what I learned in the process, and where I want to take it in a future aquarium is as follows: - General rule of thumb in an aquarium as the size of tank increases setup cost increases, maintenance cost increases, but maintenance effort decreases. Yet bowls, vases and such are hostile to house fish in and are even illegal to do so in some European countries. - An aquarium should always be amongst the highlight of a room, so position, stand, dimensions, filter noise, colors, and illumination should be well thought ahead. - Inside an aquarium consider type of substrate, background, light hood, heating, filtration, and how to conceal them the best. Try to balance color contrast with dark colors on substrate and background, with green of plants, and bright colors of fish. Read about "Aquarium Golden Ratio" for layout. - As setup time progresses many types of algae is part of natural occurences, by no means are harmful, but can be ...


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