Epic's Aquaponics System

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Epic's Basic's on Aquaponics Explained! Aquaponics systems in the most simplest of ways allows ordinary people to grow their own vegies and fish in a single system. Both aquaculture and hydro culture combine together in a symbiotic relationship that allows for faster than normal growth in your plants and with bigger systems, fish for your dinner plate. The system takes the ammonia from the fish waste and allows bacteria to convert it to nitrates and nitrites of which the plants can then use as food. The plants are also housed in grow beds that flood and drain which allows the roots to absorb nutrients and then aerate at a rate not possible within planted systems. This in turn grows the vegies or fruit at two, three or even four times faster depending on the conditions and lighting. Here at Epic PC Cases we have built a simple outdoor setup with the really quite minimal room we have at the back of our factory! I should be enjoying cucumber, chilli, green beans, strawberries and cherry tomatoes in a matter of weeks if all continues well. Join us on facebook!: www.facebook.com Check out our Channel: www.youtube.com Song - www.danosongs.com - The Streatham Hill Gods


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