WOW! Now I see how these molecules are used in cycles...Fumartate...Arginine is a major player here in the Urea Cycle that excretes the nitrogen that you use when breaking down the amino groups... Succinate is in the citric acid cycle too (using the sugar's carbon-oxygen bonds energy in the mitochondria for ATP energy)...Aspartic acid is added at one point....Citrulline is the watermelon smelling molecule... The form used in carbAMYL a cool molecule not talked about in chemistry class it's got the Carbon double bound oxygen and then teh terminal (on the very end) nitrogen (with two H's adn then attatched to the phosphate makes the cool Five pointed phospho-star's O toa carbon diamond to teh circle and the nitrogen triangle with two hydriogen dots...that I'm pointing at in the intro picture... I think the elements shapes are much better than just the letters used in books! Learn them... UREA CYCLE Arginine aspartic acid Fumarate Citrulline Succinic acid orinthine


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