Nitrogen Fixation (It's a Sensation)

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Our music video for AP Environmental Science Cole Hankins Alex Donnan Allison Palmer Chandni Patel Lyrics: Nitrogen fixiation is occurin under ground in bacteria that happen to live all around. They fix it to be assimilated by the plants, some of which are woven right into your pants. They get it most from dead stuff, now isn't that nice? Decomposing to NH4, NO2, and NO3. Ammonification is what that is called. (The decomposition if you wondered at all.) Decomposers (surprise!) do all the dirty work, literally. It's going back into the dirt! Nitrification is where bacteria take power, convert ammonium to nitrate over and over. NH4, NO2, and NO3, chemical abbrevs for simplicity. Legumes, or beans, filled with that stuff, harvested and never getting back to earth. Denitrification is the last of it all, followed by the anaerobic ammonium oxidation. In anaerobic places bacteria wrap up the cycle, making gas from the nitrogen that's left over. But waste water dumping and digging up legumes might mean the environment is doomed! No need to worry though, there's plenty to do. Like not digging up the legumes... Clean air and water acts by the USA help with pollution from plants... industrial plants! By cleaning up our actions we can all help, cleaning the N cycle and saving the planet.


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