How To Care For A Betta (Properly)

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Hey guys. Just thought I would make a video about how to acclimate your new Betta fish as well as how to care for them. Many people believe that they can keep them in bowls, which is incorrect and cruel because it slowly kills the fish with its own ammonia (fish waste). They are also pretty active fish and require at least 5 gallons, properly cycled. I have a few years of experience do ask me anything! You will see me contribute a lot to the Yahoo! Answers fish section as well. A second method is to get a small net to scoop the betta out from the cup, so your palm oil doesn't harm the betta's slime coat. HOW TO CYCLE A TANK FISHLESSLY: I have a net, it didn't occur to me before. I got feedback about this from a different site and you said I was missing a net and proper acclimation process, if you looked closely then you can see the edit in between the two videos which is when I acclimated it. I have a net, the same one I used for an old 72 gallon tank from a few years back.


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