Kids Community Aquarium Newly Setup

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I decided to pull out my old fish tanks and set them up to share the experience with my 3 year old. We have been having a great time learning about the fish in the tank, feeding them and hanging out while watching them. I let him pick out the decorations and have guided him is selection of the beginner fish for a friendly community tank. Tank-mates so far and until the Nitrogen cycle is complete are, 2 Dalmatian Mollys, 3 Mickey Mouse Platys, and 1 Red Fire Dwarf Gourami. The tank is a 20 gallon high and I chose the Fluval U2 internal filter which is rated for a 10-30 tank. So far all is good and I'm keeping a close eye on the ammonia, and nitrate levels. I'll post some updates as the tank matures and when I'm able to get it stocked with a larger variety of community fish if this video gets enough viewing, perhaps some talking in the next one, ;-)


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