The DETAQS Project

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796 DETAQS (pronounced de-tox) is a self-contained desktop Aquaponics system in an attractive, useful USB hub form factor. Having always been a nerd for both technology and biology, it was inevitable that I would find myself at a nexus point between the two. In my case, it was Aquaponics where my two hobbies overlapped; where technology was duplicating and actively improving upon a biological system. To understand how this can interest me, one must first understand what Aquaponics actually is. Aquaponics is the marriage of two independent agricultural techniques: Aquaculture -- which is fish farming, and Hydroponics, which is growing plants by delivering nutrients via water and not soil. Traditional aquaculture requires large tanks or ponds for the fish, and often heavy duty filters and aeration equipment to keep the water cleaned of waste. Hydroponics, on the other hand, generally requires a constantly monitored supply of nutrients in the water to provide the plants with everything they need to grow. Aquaponics brings these two systems together in a symbiotic relationship where the fish produce the nutrients required for plant growth, while the plants (and the bacteria on their roots) cleanse the water for the fish. While certainly not a new development, traditional Aquaponics systems have been large and unwieldy contraptions, quite often cobbled together from whatever watertight materials happen to be available. In fact, my first several hobby Aquaponics ...


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