Bio ch. 19/20/21 (speak now)

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Hoi, dit is de tekst, soort van tenminste... Ecology is how things intera-act wiith eachother it consits of two parts a death habitat and alive community they need right conditions light,oxygen, food are important just like water and a right temperature is what they need a community has different populations they live together and have to adapt to that habitat there is a great variety of ecosystems on land and in water all of them together make up the biosphere so that is everything everything has to feed some can produce but most have to consume there are different those primary ones are, the herbivores third and second are the carnivores at last there are the decomposers they eat the death we do have to watch out for all the CO2 in the ai-air 'cause the greenhouse effect makes it warmer on the earth look at page 3-7-2 for the explanation of all this and for the nitrogen cycle on page 3-7-3 ok this was my bio-song go and learn your test it's your last chance no romance go and learn for your test get a good mark horrified looks from everyone in the room but just focus on your test You are a boy or girl who I'm sure of, is really smart so hold on a little longer and then celebrate your holiday just learn now don't run away ok get a good mark and then celebrate summer just concentrate it's almost over a few weeks longer and your done don't stress just learn and try your best and it might actually just work out


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